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This blog is mostly about coding on the server-side using languages such as PHP and C# my favorite programming languages. But there will be Javascript thrown into the mix as well as other random stuff.

My name is Andrew Wilkes (nickname: Andy) and I am the creator of Otaku CMS. During the development of that project I gained a new experience of hooking up a PHP backend with a Javascript frontend. So now I want to blog about related topics, such as security, testing and moving data between client and server.


Now technology is changing at a rapid pace. In the past, computers were slow and servers were the powerful database engines that did the tabular data manipulation, and served up the amalgamated response to the requesting client.

These days: web traffic and available bandwidth is growing fast, computers and mobile devices are becoming ever-more powerful, and there is a shift from server-based SQL to front-end Apps that rapidly consume data from multiple points in the cloud, and hence manipulate and transform data in a different way to that in the recent past. So we need to adapt and evolve our skills and awareness to what is happening now.

My Code

Check out my open source code here: Be sure to check out my cool code snippets there as well like the cycling computer!

Brand Identity

I recently set up a YouTube Channel and came up with this branding icon image (cheeky hacker to stand out amongst the face photo icons): 

So I hope to regularly post programming videos related to this website content. Have a great day and I look forward to reading your feedback and questions in the comments!