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Fast Programming

Published: 21st April 2015

Over the last few months I have been focused on completing my various coding projects and actually publishing the code. This makes it satisfying to write code and code applications otherwise you can feel that you wasted a lot of time for nothing. You could argue that it was an educational experience, but months later you may easily forget what you learned if you don't keep on coding in the same language.

One big factor in completing coding projects is to get them done fast or at least within a time frame that is compatible with your available time and before you may lose interest in a project.

Lately I have coded with JavaScript, PHP, and C#. I know PHP so well that I can code stuff really fast without needing to research how to do things much. So for me it is a fast programming language to produce results. But it is primarily a server-side language so it is not ideal for the new projects that I have in mind. And JavaScript is now good to code with now that we have great Browser support for developers. I used to hate it, but now it's not a problem since it can be debugged more easily than PHP in my opinion where the opposite situation was the case a few years ago.

I really like C# for programming Desktop Apps and notice that it is popular for 3D games using Unity. However, I realized that it has taken me a huge amount of effort to code my latest WPF project using C#. I think that the problem is that it's such a massive thing with all the enumerations for every tiny thing and masses of properties and methods for every class. It's almost crazily detailed and only made sane by the awesome intellisense of the Visual Studio IDE. And, I seem to hammer away at the web all the time searching for information about every new aspect of it that I continually come across.

So for a game that I have in mind, I am thinking to avoid C# since I will have enough of a learning curve coding a game anyway with sprites etc. So my plan is to use LUA with the LÖVE framework which seems quite easy to learn and quite simple, without a ton of curly braces and commas. I suspect that once I get familiar with it, I will be able to do some fast Programming of game ideas. For example, to play some music seems trivial in this kind of environment, but using C# I imagine that it would take me a whole day to figure it out and write a class.